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Thanks for the nudge tan! [17 Jan 2006|11:16pm]

with that said, the apartment life is going beautifully, which reminds me, i guess i need to get pictures up, huh? school just started back up, but i'm not buggin' yet cause i've got all internet classes until the end of february when my soc. class starts up.


Introduction to Anthropology and Archaeology
Microsoft Applications
Intermediate Windows Topics
Introduction to Biology (retake from when i was in the hospital)

Introduction to Sociology (retake from when i was in the hospital)

Anyways, I'm sooo addicted to myspace! trust me, i'm there! (http://www.myspace.com/mama_a) Friend me or somethin if you're over there!
Work is good, however it's very hectic and I wish that i could find a job at a bank! haha, lookin for the money people, lookin for the money!

Also looking to go to Chicago for Spring break because thats where jon lives --- again! haha, well the roomie is home any minute and we're going to finish casablanca... neither of us has seen it, and we accidentally fell asleep through it last night! =x

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woohoo! i'm a movie whore! [04 Dec 2005|10:24am]
184!!!Collapse )
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BENNIFER CONFIRM BABY NEWS [02 Dec 2005|08:46am]
Hollywood couple Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are celebrating after welcoming their first child into the world yesterday. Affleck's publicist Ken Sunshine and Garner's representative Nicole King confirmed press reports the Alias beauty had given birth to a baby girl at 6:26pm on Thursday. The joint statement reads, "Mother, father and baby are doing great." The Daredevil co-stars representatives did not provide the baby's weight or place of birth. Garner, 33, and Affleck, 33, started dating in July 2004, months after the actor ended his high-profile engagement to Jennifer Lopez and the actress divorced her first husband Scott Foley. They married on the Caribbean resort of Turks and Caicos on June 29.

source: imdb.com

finally, but i can't believe she only had one... she was so large
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[13 Nov 2005|09:40pm]
does anyone know? has jennifer garner given birth yet? i know that she was due on friday (my bday) so i guess if not, most likely this week, ya?
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[10 Nov 2005|12:02am]
i'm so sick of just hearing people complain about their lives. you only live once so live it up. this isnt really directed at anyone in particular, well a few people. it just seems that whenever i talk to someone or read what the person says they're complaining about their life. you may be going through some hard times, but complaining that people don't care gets so annoying to hear or read over and over. i love EVERYONE i'm friends with. whether its in real life or on eljay. ;) i don't ever comment either because I just don't have the time. working 60+ hours a week will kill a bitch! Not to mention, i'm in the middle of packing up my life because I move in NINE (9) DAYS! And... MY BIRTHDAY IS TOMORROW!!!!

so chin up, cheer up and jump in that big puddle without worrying about if you're going to ruin your shoes or not... ~--- what the hell have i been smokin? lol.

nighty night!

ps- thank you tan for the early bday msg! love!!!
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[30 Oct 2005|11:49pm]
My Halloween Party memeCollapse )
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[12 Oct 2005|11:17am]
I'm moving and need to sell all of my rare and never taken out of the box *NSYNC items. Before putting them up on ebayand such, i figured i would leave it to the lj people. i have a 5 foot tall cardbard cutout of them from 2001 (Verizon), the *NSYNC board game, the marionettes, bobble heads, pillowcases (Justin and Lance) an afgan throw and so much other stuff! If anyone is interested in purchasing please comment!
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[22 Aug 2005|12:02pm]
Tannis, i'm not sure if i'm supposed to do it here or not, (no one's ever tagged me!).

List ten things that make you happy, and then tag five friends.

1. sleeping
2. Jon (ex boyfriend who i'm rekindling with)
3. my new computer that i bought with my own money
4. my wonderful friends
5. movies (rentals or theater)
6. driving
7. my new CHI Straighter ($145 - wha?)
8. Tinkerbell
9. money =)
10. summer where there's no school.

TAGGING: Melanie, Christina, Amy, Val, Brittany
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[19 Aug 2005|01:22am]
Anyone been to Kelly Clarkson's "Hazel Eyes" tour yet? Or are you going?

Tuesday night i was the 17th caller on a local radio station and i won 2 tickets for saturday night, so i'm highly excited. i've never seen her in concert before!

oh well, off to bed. school starts monday, blechhh.

and MELANIE, I got your postcard tues or mon, and i love it! Thanks!

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[08 Aug 2005|08:45pm]
Wouldn't it suck if:

1. Both Crappy and Kaysar came back because they both had really high numbers...


2. If when someone comes back, an unsuspecting house guest has to leave...

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News Anchor Peter Jennings claimed by cancer... [08 Aug 2005|03:01am]
I know someone just posted that he died, but here's the story.


NEW YORK (Aug. 8) - Peter Jennings, the suave, Canadian-born broadcaster who delivered the news to Americans each night in five separate decades, died Sunday. He was 67.

More story under hereCollapse )
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[07 Aug 2005|01:05pm]
I understand why howie did what he had to do, but damnit. james and sarah are my favorties. (besides kaysar, but until he's back for sure i'm not counting him back in) i guess my next favorite would be janelle... so if they go i still have her. =)

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For the SW fans... [07 Aug 2005|11:50am]
don't know if this has been posted yet because i haven't had time to look, but it looks like STAR WARS: REVENGE OF THE SITH is coming to DVD on November 1, 2005.

You can pre-order it now on bestbuy.com

(yes Christina, i'm hinting towards you)
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[23 Jul 2005|01:14am]

The Biggest Hair Color Survey Ever--Only take this if you're pretty bored

Created by three and taken 44498 times on bzoink!

General - Just to get the basics down
Are you a male or female?female
How long is your hair?long
Is it strait or curly?wavy
Anything else about your hair other than the color?
Now about color..
What color(s) is your hair currently?blonde
Is it natural?yes
If not, how long has it been that color?
What color do you wish it was?platinum blonde
What is your natural hair color?dark blonde
What is your favorite hair color (on yourself)?strawberry blonde
on the opposite sex?dark brown
Have you ever...
Have you ever dyed your hair in any way?yes
Dyed your hair one solid color?yes
Colored your hair yourself?yes
Gone natural?yes
Highlighted your hair?no
Lowlighted your hair?no
Had streaks in your hair?no
Had more than two different colors in your hair at once?no
More than three?no
Dyed your hair an unnatural color?(other than red/blonde/brown/etc.) What?yes, blue and pink for halloween
wished you could color your hair but weren't allowed to?no
Messed up your hair really badly by coloring it?no
Gotten your hair colored by a stylist?no
and thought you paid too much?no
dyed your hair to look like someone else?no
dyed your hair so that you wouldn't look like someone else?no
(helped) color someone else's hair?yes
and messed up?no
gone somewhere (party, etc) just to show off a new hairstyle?no
Colored your hair to try to impress the opposite sex?no
to impress someone a specific person from the opposite sex?no
liked someone for their hair (color)?yes
liked someone only after they colored their hair?no
wished someone would dye their hair?yes
dyed your hair and had no one notice it?yes
changed your hair drastically, like black to platinum blonde? (explain)yes. light, light blonde to a reddish light brown.
This or that
Streaks or solid color?solid color
highlights or lowlights?lowlights
blonde or brown?blonde
light red or dark red?dark red
Jet black or platinum blonde?jet black
normal colors or punky colors?normal colors
do-it-yourself or at the salon?do-it-yourself (cheaper)
hot pink or lime green?hot pink
intense or subtle?intense
natural or colored?colored
electric blue or light purple?electric blue
thin streaks or chunky streaks?thin streaks
stands out or fits in?stands out
Random other stuff
How many times have you colored your hair (or got it colored)?more than 7 times
Do you usually enjoy seeing hair changes?yes
What is the longest you've ever spent getting your hair colored?45 minutes
How old were you when you first got your hair colored?14
Who/What convinced you to do it the first time?just wanted to try something new.
What is the first color(s) you ever dyed your hair?a lighter blonde
Do you ever wish you had never started coloring your hair?yes
How frequently do you usually dye your hair?every 6 months
How soon do you plan to color your hair again?when i get the money or the time
What is the next color(s) you plan put in your hair?a medium golden blonde

Create a Survey | Search Surveys | Go to bzoink!

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[16 Jun 2005|02:02am]
Hourly Distribution of pinkcarebear's Journal Entries (FULL JOURNAL version)


σ: 15.090487934025
σ2: 227.72282608696
Least-Squares Pentic Regression:
0.00014250803073498x5 + -0.0036861292700484x4 + -0.057458035642945x3 + 2.4211195086421x2 + -19.982443227533x1 + 52.109637488948x0

When do you post?
Created by g0thm0g!
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[18 May 2005|02:24am]
I'll be the first to admit that i am a moron when it comes to a lot of things.

With Britney, everything i've ever seen about her is just for the cameras and for shock value. anything i've ever criticized her for was something for a magazine or a video, or a tv show... but tonight i took a look at chaotic and realized she's not so bad behind all the stuff she does to keep her living. Some of the things she does annoys me... like i couldn't really tell her real voice, bc i felt the whole time she was making a different voice each time she talked. but i did learn we have one thing in common: our sex drive! lol. she is so sexual, when she talks and when she talked about her and kevin... and they had only known each other like a week... ?

in other news, my blood clots might be back, i have to go in for testing in the morning
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STOP, PAJAMA TIME [13 May 2005|02:00am]
[ mood | NOT DEAD!!!! ]

hey guys. wanted to let you all know that i'm not dead. I've seen all your recent layouts and read all of your recent posts and know how you all are doing. This year has certainly been a whirlwind for me, with jessie leaving, me almost dying, my grandmother and cat dying... and add the first year of college on top of it! i'm sure that i could have done a lot better, but i've had so much on my plate -- i know that's not an excuse, but it's going to have to work right now because i said so. ;)

jessie and i got a look at our apartment today -- no, we're not moving in until jan (And Mel you better come visit!) it's gorgeous, i'll post pics and the website soon.

I'm still working at the cleaners and at hollywood video. if it weren't for the free rentals, then i would get a new job... *sigh* i'm just bored with it -- and that sucks.

i'm officially done with school as of whenever i finish my math final today (fri)... and that is so intense! jessie is back... FOR GOOD and i couldn't be more excited. i've registered for classes next sem. so that's all set, and i sold my 3 books back tonight and got $155! yessss!

i have been on a big kick of buying movies lately, can we say "ouch" in the checkbook? lol. ladida i'm off to finish watching "simon birch" and then going to sleep. <33 y'all!

Mel --- sorry i haven't been great recently, i feel like i've been super busy and have no time for this damn computer! hope everything is going splendidly.


ps. i bought this game last night (and we all played it) called "7 Deadly Sins" it's so much fun, i reccommend it! that, and "dirty minds".

pps. we were supposed to have this massive storm tonight, and it was heading right for us. well it veered north (thank god ... for me, really unfortunate that it happened to others) and produced ELEVEN tornadoes. CRAZY. I would have died of a heart attack. i hate natural disasters. and spiders. there was an evil spider in my car today, i almost hyperventilated. ahhhh. night!!!

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[02 May 2005|08:47pm]

You Are 21 Years Old


Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view - and you look at the world with awe.

13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.

20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.

30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!

40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.

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[25 Apr 2005|11:30am]
Okay guys...



X-Posted wherever i feel like it ;)
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gacked from... well my whole lj list. [04 Apr 2005|11:25pm]
Reply with an anonymous comment with an answer for each question, then take back to your own LJ and post:

1. One cryptic comment I may understand...but I may not. meaning.. something anonymous that could be directed at me.. or anyone really

2. One compliment you've wanted to give me.

3. One random thing just off the top of your head.

4. One celebrity you hate to admit you are attracted to.

5. One celebrity you love to admit you are attracted to.

6. How old do you feel?

7. About how long have we known each other/known of each other?

8. And a hint as to who you are.
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